On May 25th, RBE held a firm lunch to celebrate Memorial Day and the upcoming Indianapolis 500 race.  While drawing a driver name as part of a pool for the Indy 500, participants voted on a charity for the proceeds.  The charity that received the most votes this year is the Tony Stewart Foundation, which will receive a total of $1,000 from the firm.  The Tony Stewart Foundation provides grant funding to well-qualified organizations serving children who are critically ill or physically disabled; animals at-risk or endangered; and drivers injured in the sport of motor racing.  Click here to learn more about the foundation.

RBE was also honored to celebrate RBE’s founding attorney, James W. Riley, Jr., at the luncheon.  Mr. Riley just reached his 70th birthday. In his honor, the firm presented Mr. Riley with an American flag that was flown over the United States Capitol building on his birthday (May 5th).  We appreciate Mr. Riley’s continued contributions of time and experience as he still works at the firm and provides valuable mentorship to younger attorneys.  Luncheon participants enjoyed a historical slideshow of the firm’s early years as part of the festivities, plus received words of wisdom from Mr. Riley, who shared the firm’s history.  Mr. Riley also stressed that members of the firm should continue to strive to be highly competent, maintain the trust and confidences of clients, respect and support each other, pursue  a good health/life balance in the midst of working hard, and always appreciate clients who entrust them with work.  We thank Mr. Riley for the legacy that he created for the firm’s ongoing success and camaraderie.