Clients count on our attorneys to try—and win—their most important disputes.

We represent clients in actions pending in federal and state trial courts across Indiana, as well as before the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, and various regulatory agencies.  We also litigate matters for our clients in federal District Courts all over the United States, before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and, as needed and appropriate, in various other state and federal jurisdictions across the nation.

Business / Intellectual Property / Employment Litigation

Whenever our clients must pursue or defend claims, disputes are rarely convenient and often affect the very heart of getting business done.  We understand how time and money are essential considerations in making strategic decisions, whether the disputes involve shareholder or key management matters, business torts, contract or property issues, protection of trade secrets or other intellectual property, or employment claims (such as discrimination or harassment, wage, wrongful termination, or embezzlement/theft).  We have experience in obtaining and defeating claims for injunctive and declaratory relief that often expedite resolution, as well as motion practice, hearings, and trials before judges and juries.  We make sure that our clients are part of each strategic move, as well as the available options and their likely effect, in order to reach the best result that helps their business.

Insurance Defense / Insurance Coverage

Our attorneys provide a full spectrum of legal services to insurance carriers, including coverage opinions and related litigation, as well as the defense of claims in the areas of product liability, environmental and toxic substance law, officers’ and directors’ liability, worker’s compensation claims, and general personal injury and property damage claims, including catastrophic claims arising out of construction site accidents. Our attorneys also defend professional negligence and malpractice claims asserted against accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, real estate brokers, physicians, dentists, hospitals and other health care professionals.  

Arbitration / Mediation / Alternative Dispute

For clients who are not experienced in litigation, being involved in a lawsuit can be emotionally exhaustive and costly in both time and money. Finding a win-win situation for all the parties involved short of trial is atypical.  That’s when having an attorney experienced in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) becomes important. While we have the depth of experience of taking a matter to trial and thus do not fear such a scenario, our attorneys are also effective at using mediation, arbitration, and other ADR methods to resolve disputes in order to better serve our clients.

ADR offers greater control over the process and the result. From setting the ground rules, to selecting the facilitator, ADR not only offers more flexibility, but it is usually more expeditious and less expensive than court proceedings.  ADR also often eliminates the “win-lose” mentality that serves as an obstacle to resolution while the parties are engaged in litigation.  Experienced in the various tools for ADR or other paths to resolution, we keep our clients apprised of these options when available to short-cut the risks and expenses of threatened or pending litigation.

Product Liability

On behalf of manufacturing clients, our attorneys defend product liability claims in federal and state trial and appellate courts throughout Indiana. These types of claims typically assert that a product caused personal injuries, including disability or death, or caused extensive property damage, due to defects in product design or manufacturing, or due to inadequate product warnings.

Toxic Tort

Our attorneys represent industrial clients in the defense of toxic tort claims in state and federal courts throughout Indiana that seek damages (including fear of future injury or illness, and future lost wages) allegedly stemming from short-term and long-term exposure to hazardous substances such as asbestos, latex gloves, mold, pharmaceuticals, silica, and other materials; industrial accidents involving hazardous or toxic substances; and the sale of allegedly hazardous or toxic substances.

Our depth of experience in this area ranges from the defense of small, single plaintiff/single defendant claims to representation of major companies involved in complex, multi-party claims and large class actions.

Local Counsel with Substance

If you are new to Indiana courts, our litigation attorneys are experienced in the various state and federal courts throughout the State of Indiana.  We are proud of our work product and results, as well as our civil service, that have helped build our credibility and reputation with many attorneys and judges in various Indiana jurisdictions.  Whether you need us to assist you with procedural nuances or provide substantive representation, you can count on our litigation attorneys to be part of your comprehensive team when litigation strikes in our state.

Representative Clients

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