For clients who are not experienced in litigation, being involved in a lawsuit can be emotionally exhaustive and costly in both time and money. Finding a win-win situation for all the parties involved short of trial is atypical.  That’s when having an attorney experienced in alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) becomes important. While we have the depth of experience of taking a matter to trial and thus do not fear such a scenario, our attorneys are also effective at using mediation, arbitration, and other ADR methods to resolve disputes in order to better serve our clients.

ADR offers greater control over the process and the result. From setting the ground rules, to selecting the facilitator, ADR not only offers more flexibility, but it is usually more expeditious and less expensive than court proceedings.  ADR also often eliminates the “win-lose” mentality that serves as an obstacle to resolution while the parties are engaged in litigation.  Experienced in the various tools for ADR or other paths to resolution, we keep our clients apprised of these options when available to short-cut the risks and expenses of threatened or pending litigation.