We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality legal services in a timely, result-oriented and cost-effective manner.

General Information

Our fees are typically charged at an hourly rate based upon the actual time expended on the matter by each attorney, paralegal, or law clerk. Our hourly rates vary, depending upon the particular attorney, paralegal, or clerk providing the service. Our hourly rates are subject to periodic adjustment, typically January 1st of each year.

Statements are prepared and sent to clients each month showing the work performed, the personnel performing the work, the time expended, and the total chargeable expenses, such as long distance telephone charges, photocopies, facsimile transmissions, express delivery services, travel outside of Marion County, Indiana, and computerized legal research.

Cost Control Measures

We are committed to assisting clients in managing their legal expenses. Some of our cost-control efforts include:

  • No charge for most administrative services
  • No charge for staff overtime in most instances
  • No charge for regular mailings
  • Express mail and other shipping charges are billed at cost
  • Photocopies are billed without additional personnel charges
  • All travel expenses are billed at cost, and mileage expenses within Marion County are not billed

Alternative Billing Arrangements

In addition to our standard hourly rates, we are prepared to discuss other billing arrangements agreeable to both parties, including:

  • “Blended” hourly rates
  • Single lump-sum annual retainers
  • “Not to exceed” average hourly rates
  • Flat-fee arrangements