Riley Bennett Egloff proudly counts among its clients many major metropolitan hospitals, critical access hospitals, immediate care centers and nursing homes, as well as individual health care providers including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, and dentists. The Firm also represents professional liability insurance carriers and risk retention groups.

Because the Firm’s practice areas cover a wide range of services, it is able to offer advice regarding the legal concerns of the medical industry, including: medical malpractice defense; professional licensure defense; entity formation, governance and business strategy; employment-related issues; real estate issues; non-compete matters; contract negotiation, drafting and enforcement; general business litigation; billing and collection matters; and general liability matters. We also counsel and advocate regarding health care statutes and regulations including compliance with Stark laws.  

Health Care Regulation & Administration

Our attorneys provide counseling to our health care clients regarding a wide range of regulatory and administrative matters, including the following:

  • Peer review proceedings
  • Licensure issues
  • Risk management
  • HIPAA, patient privacy and health care directives
  • Employment matters

Medical Malpractice Defense

Riley Bennett Egloff has defended physicians, nurses, paramedics, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, immediate care facilities, and other health care providers in medical malpractice actions for over thirty years. With this experience, our lawyers have developed the keen insight required to understand complex medical issues and the unique ability to breakdown and effectively present these issues to a medical review panel and when necessary to a judge and jury.  Along with this insight, our Firm combines a work ethic and diligence that leaves no stone unturned in its defense of cases. 

In addition to attorneys who have devoted their practices to the defense of medical professionals, we also have on staff experienced medical professionals who assist our attorneys in navigating the medical complexities of any particular case.  We also have compiled an extensive expert witness database as an additional resource.  Our medical malpractice defense team takes pride in providing excellent service to our health care clients, not only by explaining complex legal issues and answering questions thoroughly, but also by keeping our clients informed of the status of their cases.

While our Firm is always prepared to defend our healthcare clients, we realize that it is in our clients’ best interest to avoid a medical malpractice action when possible.  Thus, our Firm also assists our healthcare clients in many different areas of their practice, including prevention of litigation through early resolution and risk management issues.  Lawyers in the firm speak and provide presentations in these and other areas to our healthcare clients on a frequent basis.  

Medical Licensing Defense

Riley Bennett Egloff represents licensed medical professionals before the state boards and committees regulating practice.  Riley Bennett Egloff attorneys have significant experience representing clients in licensure cases before the many state licensure boards; including the Indiana State Board of Nursing, Behavioral Health and Human Services Licensing Board, Indiana State Psychology Board, Indiana Respiratory Care Committee, Indiana Board of Pharmacy, Indiana Physical Therapy Committee, Indiana Occupational Therapy Committee, Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Indiana Optometry Board, Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators, Indiana Speech-Language Pathology Audiology Board, and Indiana State Board of Dentistry.

            Riley Bennett Egloff assists professionals in all stages of licensing matters:

  • Attorney General Consumer Complaints;
  • Administrative Complaints;
  • Summary Suspensions;
  • Renewals; and
  • Reinstatements.

Our firm takes pride in preserving or reinstating our clients’ ability to practice their profession in Indiana without restriction.  We work directly with our medical professional clients through every stage of the process as we strive to bring all cases to a beneficial and expeditious outcome.  

Representative Clients

TDC Specialty Underwriters
Community Health
American Association of Orthodontists Insurance Company