Our attorneys counsel and assist clients in planning for the disposition of their estates and the transition of their businesses, including the preparation of stock repurchase agreements, wills, trust documents, living wills and life-prolonging procedures declarations. In addition, the Firm provides assistance in the administration of trusts and estates, including the initiation of and representation in probate proceedings, as well as the preparation and filing of trust, estate, and inheritance tax returns.

Business Succession Planning

As a business owner, you spent years creating and executing a successful business plan. It is equally important that you consider making necessary legal arrangements to protect the future of your business and your investments, through business succession planning.

Business succession planning can protect and preserve your business or its value and involves making the legal, operational, and financial arrangements necessary to transfer your business to a partner or a family member, or to determine how your business should be sold, upon your retirement, incapacitation or death.

For business owners, business succession planning is a critical part of an overall estate plan. Our experienced attorneys can assist you in identifying your objectives and the available options for achieving them, in light of the applicable legal environment and tax considerations.

Probate & Estate Administration

Our firm handles all aspects of probate and estate and trust administration. Probate is the legal process by which a person's will is allowed by the Probate Court. The provisions of the will determine how the decedent's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon death.

Estate and trust administration might include the probate process, but also includes non-probate transfers of the deceased's assets, such as life insurance, annuities, and trust assets, completion of final tax returns, and compliance with applicable estate tax requirements.

Our lawyers assist personal representatives of estates and trustees of trusts in gathering, valuing, accounting for and distributing the decedent's assets. We assist with the preparation of federal and state estate tax returns and other documents to release liens on a decedent's real estate. As counsel for the personal representative or trustee, our responsibility is to ensure that all steps are properly taken in order to carry out the decedent's intent, complete required administration activity, and transfer of assests to the appropriate family member or others in accordance with law.

Estate Planning

It is neither difficult nor expensive to protect your assets and your family’s future with an estate plan. With the help of one of our experienced attorneys, you can have peace of mind that your loved ones will receive your property and understand your last wishes in a manner chosen by you.

Estate planning usually starts with drafting a will or a trust, and considering use of a power of attorney. But, there are other important documents you may want to include as well, called “advance directives,” which allow you to communicate your wishes for medical care and to give decision-making authority to a trusted friend or family member.

Our attorneys are ready to help you consider all the issues involved in preparing these important documents. We will take the time to understand you, your family situation, and your goals in estate planning, to ensure your goals are achieved.